We are a boutique online marketing agency - Nairobi Digital Marketing
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Our Services

What we're good at

We walk the walk and by that we don’t stop at nothing until we get you the results that we promise.The value we provide is measurable.Come on board and let our team provide you the much needed value to you.

Results Driven

One thing about us is that we are quite obsessed with performance.Its just in our DNA.The drive within us goes a long way in ensuring that what we promise we get to deliver just that and within the timeframes set.

Service Delivery

Every project we take up we ensure that the time frames and deadlines set are actualized.If we don’t get it done in time(rare) we always have explanations.Genuine ones.And that’s who we are.

Web design & Development

Development has always been our first love here at Green Expose.We started out as a web development agency and that has helped us gain crucial experience in this field.All our websites are designed using the latest state of the art technlogy,you will be sure to get one good website.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing approach goes a long way in establishing content that is engaging and at the end of it all delivers what you want.We understand the details of content marketing and that sets us apart from the competition.Get in touch with us and lets do your content marketing right.>

Search Engine Optimization

Once we have your website up and running well.We don't stop there we push it further to ensure that your site visitors find a optimised and technically on point website that details what your business offers.We will be your SEO agency that goes that extra mile to deliver the goals that you set out quarter after quarter.

Paid Social & Paid Search

With paid advertising the ultimate goal is to drive up your traffic numbers with the right kind of traffic.We go into places that your audience hangs out then we socialise with them and ensure that we put your message right in front of them.

A Bit About Us

We are a creative, results oriented and ridiculously obsessed with performance bunch.We get down to dreaming it for you and then push that further and get down to doing it.


We have been in the industry for close to 3 years now and that has helped us gain the much needed expertise and skills in our 4 main areas of service.The expertise that we own helps us layout just the right tools that we need to get the job done correctly.


Our team is small(and growing) and that has ensured that we get to train our in-house people correctly so that they are always in front of the competition.We just don’t stop at ensuring that they are the best in what they do.We push them further to ensure that they are well-rounded in business skills as-well as ensuring that they remain professional always.


Our business acumen too is one thing that has helped us get results delivered after sealing those deals.We are keen in each project that we take up and thus we pay great attention to details.Get in touch with us today and let’s run your next marketing campaign.

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