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About Us

Get to know us better
We love digital

Born and raised in 2016 , in Nairobi we have gone from strength to strength as an agency with each passing day.We know our digital marketing services well and that makes us help you through the best avenue in digital marketing.

We do it right

We do our digital correctly. We always insist that we need to understand your goals and specific objectives so that we can hatch a data led digital strategy that can take your business to a new high level.We are simple in strategy and that helps us do it right.

We have the expertise

Our team consists of geeks who understand the industry in and out.We are happy about that because that ensures that every one handling a client delivers just what is required of them. Our in-house training also ensures that we remain sharp always in an ever evolving industry.









Digital Strategist

Melchi Mokua

Knows a thing or two about digital marketing.He's also one hardworking individual he leads the geeks.


Dan Kunyu

Give him the camera and let him surprise you.That's our guy.He's produced some of the best pieces of photography in Kenya.

Graphic Designer

Machora Mageto

Crafting designs on designs is among the best things that Mageto delivers.A big tech lover too.

Web Developer

Dennis Bangas

Coding is deep within him. He delivers his work perfectly.Never disappointed us and on top of that he's a great team player.

A little more about us

As an agency we take the driver seat in your online marketing campaign.Once we have kick started your campaign we don’t take charge so that we control the narrative. We become your greatest fan and that helps us get under the skin of your goals and objectives.


An agency we keep the communication lines always open, we ensure that we have that human-human communication just so that we get personal with you – this has always resulted in us having better grasp of your business.


Wondering how we do it? We match your project with the best right match among our team who are best suited to hack the growth for you digitally.As you’ve seen we are not a jack of all trades we just laser focus on our 4 main areas and we excel therein.


Now you know a thing or two about us get in touch and explore the cards that you’ve been dealt with and let us hear from you on how we can help.We will love that!

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